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Who’s Who in Your Host Village

The Village Manager is responsible for all operations and activity in the village from the moment the first delegation arrives until the last delegation departs. The manager is the main contact for delegation heads and coaches and is responsible for synchronizing all the village staff around sports, transportation, hospitality, and education. The village manager also supervises the team leaders. 

The Sports Coordinator is the contact person for coaches and delegation heads on all matters related to sports. The coordinator manages and organizes the sports of all participants in the village with the JCC Maccabi Games’ central sports headquarters and systematizes schedules with the transportation coordinator to ensure participants get to the locations where they need to be throughout the Games.

The Transportation Coordinator is the key contact person for the coaches and delegation heads regarding transportation to and from the village throughout the Games. In concert with the Games’ central transportation headquarters and the village sports coordinator, the transportation coordinator manages and oversees all transportation plans, including shuttles to and from the HUB, events, and ceremonies, for the village’s participants.

The Education Coordinator leads educational activities in the village and promotes information about the main educational programs at the HUB. The education coordinator also is responsible for Shabbat activities in the hotels and works in concert with the education headquarters of the Games and serves as the contact person for all education matters, including JCC Cares.

The Team Leader (TL) is the group's "tour guide" and can assist the Games’ headquarters and the teams’ coaches and delegation heads in matters related to information, orientation, and operations. They will accompany the group all day—from the moment the group leaves the village until the group returns at night—and in all activities, including sports, at the HUB, events etc. In the absence of staff members from abroad, team leaders will serve as adult supervisors  as needed. Team leaders are supervised by the village manager; on Shabbat and in all matters related to educational activities, the education coordinator will be professionally responsible for team leaders’ professional training and leadership.

The Operations Coordinator is the logistics professional who uses the village’s vehicle to respond to all the village’s needs based on decisions made by the village manager. The operations coordinator also performs medical evacuations as required.

Shinshinim are members of the Maccabi Tzair Youth movement who will manage and oversee “Hangtime” programming during opening hours. On Shabbat, the shinshinim will be the madrichim (educational team) of the program at the village.

The Matam is the facility operations manager and represents the Games and the sports department in the sports facilities. The matam is responsible for all logistical aspects of the facility.