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Maccabi Medical Central

Maccabi Medial Central 

located at the ANA Tsviya Ve-Yitshak St 18, Haifa: 

Open hours:

Friday: 8am-12am

Sunday-Wednesday: 8am - 8pm

Thursday: 8 am-12 am

After closing hours medical services will be provided by the emergency centers of ‘Maccabi Health Services’, there is no need to schedule a visit in advance. Departure to these centers in coordination with the village team.

Maccabi Health Services in Israel: find a clinic here:


Hospitals near by villages: 

  • Rambam Hospital - Haifa
  • Laniado Hospital - Netanya
  • Hillel Yaffe Hospital - Hadera
  • Meir Hospital - Kfar Saba


  • If transport by ambulance is needed - participant will be accompanied by an adult.
  • If transport to a clinic is needed - participant will be transported in staff vehicle or taxi accompanied by an adult.
  • All off-site medical visit/ treatment will be carried out in coordination with the control center.
  • Transportation arrangements will be made by Israeli staff or Control Center for DH/coach assigned to accompany or join the teen.
  • In case of hospitalization - a delegation adult will accompany and Israeli staff will visit daily.