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Star Reporter

9 Star Reporters from Central NJ, St. Louis, J-Team, Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Hungary will spend the week learning how to professionally cover a live sports on social media in Israel. This will include content creation (photos, videos, reels, etc.) as well as written copy (posts to go along with media). They will be under the guidance of Ivan Liniado, Marketing Coordinator, and Morgan Weiss, Director of Digital Marketing at JCC Association.

Teens will need access to smartphones as well as WhatsApp as we will be using a “Star Reporters” WhatsApp Group through the entire trip. In the group will be Morgan, Ivan, and the nine Star Reporters. Teens will always have access to Morgan and Ivan for questions as they move through the week and through the tour. Star Reporter

During the week, each reporter will be capturing different parts of the Games as well as video of teen athletes in action and completing interviews. All JCCA media and copy will be shared in the WhatsApp group. When applicable, posts may be shared on JCC Maccabi social media channels by Morgan or Ivan. If Star Reporters want to send their content to DHs to post (or whoever from their local JCC or delegation is responsible for social media) as well, that will also be encouraged and at the responsibility of the DH.


Some schedule components will be assigned e.g., special programs and JCC Cares. Other coverage will be ‘choose your own adventure’, subject to sport bus schedules and logistics. Each Star Reporter will also be assigned to a Team Leader in their JCC Maccabi Village who can help them plan their itineraries for each day.

Star Reporter Assignments:

Orientation/briefing - Friday July 7th from 10.30am - 12.00pm @ The HUB   

Special clinic with Israel Olympic medallist, Ori SassonMonday July 10th from 3.30-4.30pm @ The HUB 

JCC Cares Assignments:



Updated Audience

Program Start

Program End


July 10th


 Grant Rauner (STL)



Ra'anana (room next to swimming pool @ country club near baseball)

July 11th

Zikaron BaSalon

Marin Millstone (CLE), Reese Silberfein (CNJ), Yael Gurwitz (SD)



OneIce Arena, Nirim St 1, Tnuvot

July 12th


Isaac Edelman (J-Team), Jacob Mendel Miller (J-Team)



Beit Ilan, Gordonia 1, Haifa

July 12th

Beit Ha'Lochem

Maya Yacobi (PHL), Natalie Rothenberg (Jteam), Linoy Zucker



Beit Ha'Lochem, Tzarfat 101, Haifa